When you think of home treadmill or stationary bike machines, there is a good chance that Peloton is the brand that comes to mind. The company has made a name and reputation for themselves in that field, but it seems that they might be expanding into other markets such as wearables.

According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that Peloton could be looking to expand into wearables by creating their own heart rate monitor. However, it will not come in the form of a watch like we’ve seen from other companies, but rather it could come in the form of an armband.

This is based on code spotted inside of the Peloton app that hints at the wearable. The code reads, “Track the intensity of your workouts from Zone 1 (lowest effort) to Zone 5 (maximum capacity). Using the adjustable strap, wear the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor snug on your forearm to accurately monitor your effort during workouts.”

Peloton isn’t a stranger to heart rate monitors though. The company does sell a heart rate monitor that can be worn strapped across the chest. That style has been used by other companies such as Polar in the past, and while some might argue it is actually pretty accurate, it isn’t always the most comfortable. The company hasn’t officially announced anything yet so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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