If the rumors are true, Google could be working on a foldable phone of their own. The company actually introduced support for foldable devices in previous versions of Android, which was a strange move at that time as the company did not have foldable phones of their own. It was speculated back then that Google was laying down the foundations for its own foldable in the future.

That future could be coming soon because according to a report from ETNews, it seems that Samsung could be supplying Google with the necessary technology to make their foldable phone dreams a reality. This tech is said to come in the form of ultra-thin glass (UTG) which is apparently a proprietary piece of tech belonging to Samsung.

This is one of the key components in making foldable displays, and the report claims that Samsung wants to expand on its business by selling its UTGs to other companies as well, with Google possibly being one of them. The report also claims that there were concerns that this could affect the competitive edge of Samsung as it means that more companies will be able to start making their own foldables, but the company apparently believes they are already far ahead of the competition.

There is no word on when Google’s foldable phone will launch, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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