YouTube on mobile is obviously different from YouTube on the desktop. On the desktop, you have the option of opening videos in multiple tabs so you don’t have to navigate away from the home page, but on mobile, once you tap the video a different window appears, but that will change soon.

It seems that YouTube has started testing out a way for users to actually play videos directly from the home page itself. Prior to this, YouTube’s home page would automatically play previews of videos, but these previews don’t have sound and you pretty much don’t have any sort of control over it.

However, as you can see in the video above, this is a different story where with this change, you can play videos in the home page with sound and controls. It’s a pretty cool feature and makes it slightly easier to use, especially if you’re the type that loves to browse their home page for recommendations while watching videos.

At the moment this feature is only being tested out on a small set of YouTube users. We’re not sure how YouTube is selecting users to test the feature out with, but if you don’t see it, don’t worry you’re not alone, but hopefully YouTube will have more details to share about it in the near future.

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