A lot of times, displays are kind of boring in terms of their features. This is because for the most part, they only do one thing and that is to display things on its screen, but we don’t really use it beyond that. So as long as it can show us what we’re looking at with relative accuracy in terms of color and details, it’s hard to complain.

That being said, Apple thinks that they might be able to further improve on displays because according to a report from 9to5Mac, they claim that Apple is apparently developing a new pro display that could actually come with an A13 chipset inside of it. This report actually ties in with an earlier report from a few years ago that suggested that Apple could be working on a display with a GPU built into it.

This is because SoCs like the A13 combine various components into a single chip, hence the name system-on-a-chip. This includes components like a CPU and GPU which for a computer, might otherwise be sold and installed separately. This means that this monitor could in theory help boost the graphical capabilities of devices connected to it, kind of like an external GPU.

It could also help maybe take some of the workload from the computer connected to it so that it doesn’t strain it too much or overheat. It’s an intriguing idea, although given how much the Pro Display XDR already costs, we’d hate to think how much a new model with a built-in chipset could cost as well.

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