Have you ever lost count while you were jumping rope? It happens, and yes, we know that there are jump ropes with built-in counters, but if you want to take your jump rope workouts to the next level, then you might be interested in Hygear’s Hyrope, which is a smart jump rope that comes with a ton of features.

According to its creators, the Hyrope can not only count how many jumps you’ve made, but it can also measure your pace. This is important if you’re trying to maintain a certain speed or rhythm and want to know how you’re doing. It can even measure how many calories you’ve burnt during your jump rope sessions, and all that data can be found with its accompanying app.

The app will not only store that data, but will also use it in its interactive workouts and provide users with real-time feedback. Users can also adjust it according to their fitness levels. The best part is that the Hyrope isn’t that expensive. Priced at $39, sure, it might be more costly compared to a “dumb” jump rope, but if you can appreciate and make use of these smart features, then why not?

If you’re keen, then head on over to its website to place your order where it will also be accompanied by a year-long Hygear membership program.

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