Image credit – Houston Methodist Neurological Institute

One of the ways that modern day science deals with cancer is through chemotherapy. While this seems to be one of the ways of dealing and potentially curing cancer, there are side effects to chemotherapy that are well-documented, but could there potentially be another way of dealing with cancers and tumors?

According to researchers, one of the ways could be through the use of a magnetic helmet. This helmet consists of three rotating magnets that are connected to a microprocessor-based electronic controller powered by a rechargeable battery. The patient, a 53-year old man, wore the device over the course of five weeks at the clinic and then later at his home.

He wore it for two hours a day initially, but it was later ramped up to a maximum of six hours a day. The patient has since passed away due to an unrelated injury, but during the autopsy, they found that during the course of his treatment, it had actually shrunk the tumor mass by about 31%.

The researchers believe that this could one day help to treat brain cancer without the need for radiation or chemotherapy. We’re not sure when we will see this device actually being used as presumably additional study and tests need to be carried out, but it was approved for use by the FDA for compassionate use treatment.

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