One of the problems with the Nintendo Switch aren’t the games, but rather the hardware. We’re not talking about performance either, but rather an issue with the console’s Joy-Cons which many users are reporting are starting to drift over time. Nintendo has yet to fix the issue, even in the new OLED Switch, but there could be a solution.

This is according to YouTuber Victorstk who discovered that opening up the Joy-Con and sticking a small piece of paper inside of it seemed to miraculously solve the problem. How does this work? Basically one of the reasons why the Joy-Cons drift over time is due to a buildup of dust and dirt.

Cleaning out the controller does fix the problem, but it is temporary as the dust and dirt eventually build up again. However, while watching these videos, Victorstk discovered a potential second cause of the problem, and that is the metal clamps that hold the components together loosen over time. This reduces contact between the components which can lead to irregular behavior.

By sticking a piece of paper in between, it helps tighten up the components and seems to fix the problem. According to Victorstk, the Joy-Con continued to work just fine even two months after, suggesting that this could be a cheap and potentially permanent fix. We’re not sure if it works for everyone who’s tried it, but you might want to give it a go if you’d rather not spend money buying a new set of Joy-Cons.

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