Resumes in their current form are kind of boring, but it’s the standard that most companies expect. However, we’ve come across multiple stories in the past where people have created creative resumes and landed themselves a job, and that’s something that TikTok is hoping to help with in the future.

Following an earlier report in May about TikTok launching some kind of recruitment tool, it looks like the feature is now live and is known as TikTok Resumes. What this does is that it allows users to put together video resumes using TikTok as a platform, which means that you’ll be able to use TikTok’s tools to create something fun and eye-catching.

Of course, this might not necessarily be for all professions. There are some professions that might be deemed to be more “serious” in nature that might not benefit from a creative video resume on TikTok. At the same time, employers who are looking for young and creative employees might benefit from using TikTok.

It’s also an interesting way for the company to expand its offerings and to leverage what it already has. At the moment, TikTok Resumes are only available in the US, but we imagine that it probably won’t be too long until it makes its way to other markets around the world.

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