Unless you have a private Twitter account, all your tweets can be basically seen by anyone who follows you or has a link to the tweet itself. Given that some of us use Twitter for work, school, and personal, it’s not uncommon for people to juggle multiple Twitter accounts for different purposes.

However, if you hate doing that, then you might be interested to learn that Twitter has revealed that they are working on an alternative timeline just for your trusted friends. Does this sound familiar? This is because platforms like Instagram offer a “Close Friends” feature when posting Stories, meaning that only people in your Close Friends list can see it.

This means that if you wanted to post something on Twitter that only a select group of people can see, this would be how, although given the nature of the internet, posting anything online private or not can easily be made public, but we suppose it’s up to you to decide what it is you want to post.

Twitter is already working on a feature called Super Followers that would let creators hide tweets behind a subscription. This is kind of similar but we guess it would be more personal and is aimed at regular users, not creators. That being said, Twitter told TechCrunch that this feature isn’t actively being developed at the moment. These are merely concepts that the company is working on, but whether or not it makes the final cut remains to be seen.

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