So last week, Twitter’s subscription service went live. However, it seems that the company isn’t stopping their monetization efforts there. According to a report from researcher Jane Manchun Wong, it appears that the company is gearing up to launch its next paid feature in the form of Super Followers.

For those unfamiliar, Super Followers is a feature that Twitter initially announced in February of this year. It basically allows users to monetize their Twitter accounts and create tweets hidden behind a paywall, in which presumably Twitter will get a cut from. According to Wong’s discovery, some of the requirements to create a Super Follower account is that you’ll need at least 10,000 followers and have posted 25 tweets in the past 30 days.

Some of the features that users can give their Super Followers include things like labels so that they can stand out from other followers. That being said, it seems that Twitter isn’t letting anyone create a Super Follower account. They need to submit an application along with what kind of content they’re creating before it is approved.

If this sounds familiar, it is because other platforms such as YouTube have similar features where users can create special content locked behind a subscription to help bolster the earnings of creators. There is no word on when this feature will launch, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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