Originally designed to help people keep track of keys and bags, it seems that Apple’s AirTag is now becoming a popular choice amongst bike owners to help prevent their bikes from being stolen, or if in the event that it is stolen, will make it easier for them to locate.

This is the case with Brandon, a Renton, Washington resident who claimed that his bike had been stolen earlier Tuesday morning. This isn’t the first time that Brandon has experienced motorcycle theft, so when the AirTag was launched, he bought one and hid it inside his motorcycle as a precaution.

It turns out that his decision paid off because when he realized his bike was missing, he quickly tracked it down using the Find My app. He eventually located the bike where for some reason, the thieves had abandoned it. He called the police, filed a report, and recovered his bike without any incident.

It is unclear why the thieves might have abandoned the bike, but Brandon speculates that perhaps the AirTag had notified the thieves to its presence, and it might have spooked them which is why they abandoned it. For those unfamiliar, to prevent stalking, Apple built in some safety features into the AirTag where it will notify users if an unknown AirTag is traveling with them.

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