With there being so many different streaming options, if you were skeptical about Disney+’s ability to succeed, we wouldn’t blame you. However, as it turns out, Disney+ has had a meteoric rise where according to the latest figures, the streaming platform is now home to 116 million subscribers.

This is impressive when you consider the fact that they only launched about two years ago. However, even at 116 million subscribers, Disney+ is still falling behind the competition such as Netflix which is at over 200 million subscribers last we checked. However, it is still impressive because it was just last year in November that Disney+ was at 73 million, so for them to add an additional 40 million in less than a year is quite an achievement.

Some analysts even believe that it is possible that within the next 5 years or so, Disney could eventually overtake Netflix. That is a distinct possibility because unlike the other streaming services, Disney’s brand and reputation is rather strong and they are also home to popular franchises like Star Wars and Marvel.

That being said, companies like Netflix are working hard at trying to procure shows as well as produce their own ones, and the company does have several series under its belt that are pretty popular as well. Will Disney+ eventually become the leader of streaming? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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