When Apple decided that they would not be including a charger with the iPhone 12, many were quick to mock the company and call them out on it. However, it didn’t take long for some of Apple’s detractors to ultimately follow suit, which included the likes of Samsung, and now it seems Google will be hopping on board the bandwagon as well.

According to a report from The Verge, it appears that Google will not be including a charger with the upcoming Pixel 6 smartphones. Google has typically included an 18W charger with every Pixel phone, but it seems that they have decided that they will no longer be doing that with their next phone.

The company says that since most people already own a USB-C charging brick, there is really no need to include one anymore. This is kind of the same logic that Apple and Samsung have used, where since a lot of chargers these days already support USB-A or USB-C, there is no need to make a new one that will only contribute to electronic waste.

Apple goes one step further by saying that by not including the charger, it makes the entire packaging smaller, which in turn allows them to ship more units at a time and can cut down on the number of trips they make, lessening pollution in the process.

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