Back in the day, if you wanted to do more things with your Android phone that Google would allow, you’d have to do things like unlock the bootloader. This is because this is part of the process that would allow you to install third-party ROMs and make deeper system-level modifications.

These days, Google has come a long way with Android here for the most part, most people are happy with what’s available, but at the same time, the modding community is still alive and well. However, it seems that if you were looking to experiment with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, think again.

This is because according to members of the XDA Developers community, they found that when you unlock the bootloader of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it effectively disables all cameras on the phone. This includes the triple cameras setup on the back and the ones on the front, meaning no photos, no selfies, no facial recognition to unlock the phone.

It also seems to affect third-party camera apps so don’t think you can get around it. The good news is that this is reversible. Users just need to lock the bootloader up and they’re good to go, but in any case, it’s something to keep in mind if you were planning on unlocking the phone’s bootloader.

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