Spotify has been working on bringing AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app for a while, but the other day, the company seemingly disappointed many of its iOS users when they announced that they had to put their AirPlay 2 plans on hold. According to the community rep at that time, it was due to technical issues.

However, it seems that either the rep spoke out of turn or the backlash was too much, but Spotify has since backtracked on their previous statement. In a new statement they posted, the company said, “Hello everyone, We apologize for any confusion we have caused. To clarify, Spotify will support Airplay 2. Please continue to use this thread to add your votes and comments. We’ll post updates when they become available.”

The company does not state when AirPlay 2 support will be coming, but this new statement sounds like they’ll still be actively working on it, as opposed to the previous comments which sounded like they would be hitting the pause button on development. That being said, in Spotify’s defense, some developers pointed out that adding support for AirPlay 2 isn’t as simple as flipping a switch as there are things like how DRMs are handled to take into consideration.

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