There are many reasons why one might accidentally lose a GoPro while out on a hike, biking, adventuring, and so on. For the most part, you never expect to find it again, but in this instance, a man by the name of Dylan Schilt actually found a lost GoPro while out in the wilderness doing some archery hunting.

While stumbling across lost gadgets isn’t new, what Schilt found was rather amazing. According to Schilt, “Last week when I was up archery hunting, I stumbled across a GoPro that was lost while snowmobiling. When I got back to camp I charged it up and couldn’t believe what I saw.”

It seems that Schilt was actually not the first to find the lost GoPro. After charging up the camera and looking through the footage, he found a clip in which a black bear had actually stumbled across the camera and somehow managed to turn it on and started recording himself playing with it.

The footage (see video above) shows the bear hitting the camera around with both of its paws and even carrying it in its mouth. The bear seems to eventually get bored of the GoPro, perhaps after figuring out it isn’t edible, and leaves it on the ground where Schilt eventually stumbles across it himself.

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