Back in 2020, DJI launched a new smartphone gimbal in the form of the OM 4. It vastly improved on the OM 3 in terms of how users could attach their phones to it, where it came with a magnetic clip that made taking phones on and off it a breeze, versus the more fiddly clamp of the OM 3.

That being said, if the OM 4 still wasn’t what you wanted in a gimbal, you’ll now be pleased to learn that the company has since announced the OM 5. Similar to the OM 4, the OM 5 will feature a 3-axis stabilization system, but it is actually smaller than its predecessor, making it a better choice for those who want something a bit more pocketable.

It also features an extension rod which means that you can even use it as some kind of souped up selfie stick (remember when those were a thing?), or to help get in closer with your shots. There are also other features like ActiveTrack 4.0 and it also pairs with DJI’s Mimo app to help you record certain gimbal exclusive effects.

The DJI OM 5 will also continue to use the same magnetic clip system of the OM 4 and according to the company, it will support devices 170-290g in weight, and 67-84mm in width, and 6.9-10mm in thickness. This effectively makes it compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, something that the OM 4 had trouble with.

The DJI OM 5 is priced at $159 and is available for purchase via DJI’s website.

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