Drones were most definitely not designed for this, but it looks like a drone has been used to smuggle drugs over the border again. We have heard multiple stories of how drones have been used to smuggle contraband and even aided in attempted prison escapes, but what’s interesting in this particular case is the drone that was used.

According to a recently released search warrant from the Drug Enforcement Administration, it seems that back in October 2021, Tecate’s Campo Border Patrol Station spotted a drone flying over the 25-foot fence before a gray Mercedes arrived and a man attempted to collect the drone, but was intercepted by law enforcement before he could do so.

The drone that was used is the DJI Mini 2. This is a tiny drone compared to regular drones and isn’t necessarily designed to transport goods. The drone itself weighs 249g, but the package it was carrying was actually heavier at 259g. However, for a pretty short trip which is just over the border’s wall, it is possible that it could actually be used to carry more than its own weight.

Law enforcement officials are now looking to pull data from the drone like the data from its microSD card, but it is unclear if they will be requiring additional data from the drone’s manufacturer.

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