There are a ton of memes out there that basically highlight how ridiculous it is that despite advertising desserts like milkshakes and McFlurries, McDonald’s always seems to be out of them due to their machines being spoiled. This has become a big enough issue where even the FTC is considering weighing in.

This is according to a report from the Wall Street Journal where they say that the FTC has reached out to various McDonald’s franchise owners to collect their experience on these machines. Now, machines that operate all day at extreme temperatures can break down, there is no denying that, but it seems that the unlawful repair restrictions could also be the reason why they aren’t fixed as frequently as they should.

This is apparently because Taylor, the company that makes these machines, prevents companies from repairing the machines themselves. Whenever it breaks down, only a certified Taylor technician can fix it, which means that there is usually a long wait time. Having the right to repair means that companies will be able to call in third-party technicians to get the job done, and possibly at a much cheaper price.

The right to repair movement is growing strong where earlier this year, US President Joe Biden issued an executive order backing the right to repair, with the FTC later announcing that they will be looking to fightful unlawful repair restrictions.

That being said, there is no official investigation into this issue yet and according to the letter the FTC sent out in the summer, “The existence of a preliminary investigation does not indicate the FTC or its staff have found any wrongdoing.”

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