In the past, Mac users could run Windows on their computers because Microsoft sold retail copies of Windows that would run on x86 processors like those  made by Intel. However, when Apple switched to ARM for their M1 Macs, that changed because Windows for ARM was not available for purchase by consumers.

Unfortunately, that is not a scenario that will be changing anytime soon. Microsoft has recently confirmed to The Register that Windows 11 for M1 Macs is not something they plan to support, at least for now. The company told the publication that Windows 11 on M1 is an “unsupported scenario”.

We’re not sure if they might change their minds later and further down the road, so for those who want to run Windows on Mac, at least officially, you’ll need to grab Apple’s Intel Macs, in which some are still available.

Do note that it is possible to run Windows on an M1 Mac but it is not officially supported. You will also need to be part of the Windows Insider program which essentially means you’ll be downloading and using a beta version of Windows. It might be enough for some who just need to run a few applications, but probably not the best idea for your daily driver.

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