Unlike other streaming services like Apple Music that does not offer a free tier, YouTube Music does in a bid to compete with other platforms such as Spotify. However, it seems that if you’re a subscriber to the free tier of YouTube Music, starting next month you’re going to lose some of its features.

According to YouTube, they have announced that free subscribers will no longer be able to watch music videos unless they were to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Keep in mind that as a regular YouTube user, you can still watch videos, even music videos if you want, but if you’re trying to do that through YouTube Music and you’re a free subscriber, you can’t.

This means that YouTube Music will essentially become an audio-only experience, which we suppose if that was how you used the service all along, it’s not that big of a deal. In fact, while YouTube is taking away music videos on demand for free subscribers, they will be giving them other perks.

This includes listening to music in the background, shuffle play personalized mixes, find moon mixes for various activities, and more. These changes are expected to come into effect on the 3rd of November, but in the meantime if on-demand music videos are something you are keen on, then maybe it’s time to consider subscribing to YouTube Premium which also has the added benefit of not coming with ads.

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