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YouTube Music Just Got A Lot More Attractive
Google previously announced that they would be shutting down Play Music. Subscribers who wish to continue streaming music would need to transition to YouTube Music, although there were some limitations to YouTube Music that made it slightly less attractive to would-be subscribers.

Google Play Music Will Be Shutting Down This October
In the process of trying to create their own streaming service, Google ultimately ended up with a couple of solutions – Google Play Music and YouTube Music. It might be confusing to newbies as to which they should sign up for, but it looks like Google is now one step closer to streamlining it all.

YouTube Music Will Now Let Users Pre-Save Upcoming Albums
Back in the day before the digital age of music, we’re sure that some of you out there used to go to record stores to place a pre-order for an upcoming album release. These days, you can do that pre-ordering online, but what about music streaming? If you’re using YouTube Music, it looks like that’s going to be a feature you can look forward to.

YouTube Music Could Soon Allow Users To Upload Their Own Library
While YouTube Music pretty much does what it advertises, where it can stream songs on demand, one of the features that seems to be lacking compared to some other streaming services is the inability for users to upload their own music libraries. This is important because due to licensing and regional issues, some songs that you want might not be available for streaming.


YouTube Music Makes It Easier For Users To Switch Between Audio And Videos
One of the features of YouTube Music is that it allows users to not only watch music videos, but they will also be able to stream regular music as well. However, this is usually an either-or kind of situation, where you can either choose to watch a music video or stream its audio, but that will now change.

YouTube Music Can Now Download Up To 500 Songs It Thinks You Like
One of the features of YouTube Music is its Offline Mixtape. This is a playlist that consists of 100 songs that are based on your listening history, which is basically YouTube’s way of recommending you songs that it thinks you like, and it also makes them available for listening offline for those times you don’t have an internet connection.

Google Reportedly Has 15 Million Subscribers Across Its Music Apps
Google has reportedly racked up more than 15 million subscribers across its YouTube Music and Google Play Music services. A new report reveals this figure and also points out that it includes free and/or promotional trials as well. While the figure is nowhere near as high as Spotify’s, it does show that Google has seen some success with its streaming music subscriptions.

Ad-Supported YouTube Music Now Available Google Home
If you’ve ever wondered if you should sign up and pay for a YouTube Music subscription, the good news is that now you won’t have to if you own a Google Home device. This is because Google has announced that starting today, YouTube Music will be free for users who stream it through a Google Home speaker.

YouTube Music Is Now Available On Sonos
YouTube Music subscribers will now be able to stream music from their preferred service on Sonos speakers. It has been confirmed today that YouTube Music is now available on Sonos. All users need to do is add a paid Premium subscription to their Sonos system to gain access to YouTube’s music streaming service.

YouTube Music Will Get Feature Improvements Every Two Weeks
Google’s new music streaming service called YouTube Music was launched earlier this year. Its library of songs matches the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. YouTube Music takes things one step further by leveraging the vast collection of music videos on YouTube as well but many users didn’t like that a lot of features that they expected from the streaming service were missing. Google has now confirmed that it’s going […]

YouTube Music Released For Android And iOS
YouTube is the world’s biggest online video streaming website but it’s also used for listening to music, perhaps more so than any proper music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. Google obviously knows that and it’s looking to cash in on the hundreds of millions of users who head to YouTube for listening to music. The standalone YouTube Music app has now been released for both Android and iOS.