We know that Microsoft is interested in cloud gaming. The company already has its Project xCloud platform that lets gamers stream Xbox games to their console or to their computers, but it looks like the company could be thinking of developing a cloud based MMO that could be rather interesting.

This was initially revealed on The Xbox Two podcast by Jez Corden and now more details about the MMO, which is reportedly named Pax Dei, have surfaced thanks to a report from VentureBeat.

By making this game cloud based, it means that it will be playable on pretty much any platform, whether it be your phone, tablet, computer, or console. However, the report suggests that Microsoft could be looking into complexity scaling. This means that depending on the device you’re using, the complexity of the game’s mechanics could differ.

For example, if the game detects that it’s being played through a phone, it might assume that the gamer is outside and might not necessarily be looking to take part in raids and might offer players the ability to do things like crafting or resource farming. Then when it’s played on a PC or console, then more complex game features and mechanics will be made available.

The game is said to be developed together with Finnish developer Mainframe Industries and the hope is to establish some kind of “best practices” framework. There is no word on when this game could launch, if at all, but it definitely sounds rather interesting in concept.

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