With a company as big and influential as Apple, it’s not surprising that government regulators are looking into them to ensure that there is nothing funny going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately for Apple, it seems that they could soon be facing new legal trouble as the US Department of Justice is said to be accelerating its investigation into the company.

While the DOJ has been conducting an antitrust investigation into Apple for the past couple of years, a new report from The Information (paywall) has revealed that the DOJ is ramping up its probe. A source for the publication claims that Apple was sent a new round of subpoenas over the course of the summer, which they believe could soon lead to an antitrust lawsuit.

The report was unable to provide the specifics of the complaint, but apparently the DOJ has uncovered what they believe are “serious issues”. It’s probably still too early to tell how this will play out, but it is believed that the recent ruling in the Apple VS Epic lawsuit will not play a role in the department’s decision.

For those unfamiliar, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging monopolistic practices. However, the judge presiding over the case ruled in Apple’s favor where it was stated that Apple was not a monopoly.

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