Apple does not support payment options in its App Store other than their own. However, a recent ruling by judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said that Apple will have to at the very least allow developers to link to external payment sites and options, meaning that while the App Store won’t have to support these payments, users should be able to click links or buttons that take them to these alternatives.

Apple had argued that they needed more time to write its new anti-steering policies, but according to judge Gonzalez Rogers, she says that Apple will need to comply with this order by the 9th of December. She also rejected Apple’s motion for a stay, where she wrote, “Apple’s motion is based on a selective reading of this Court’s findings and ignores all of the findings which supported the injunction.”

Apple has argued that the changes are complicated which is why they need more time. According to the company’s attorney Mark Perry, “This will be the first time Apple has ever allowed live links in an app for digital content. It’s going to take months to figure out the engineering, economic, business, and other issues.”

He adds, “It is exceedingly complicated. There have to be guardrails and guidelines to protect children, to protect developers, to protect consumers, to protect Apple. And they have to be written into guidelines that can be explained and enforced and applied.” While Perry does have a point, it’s Apple’s request for an indefinite stay of the injunction that was a bit suspect which led to judge Gonzalez Rogers denying the company’s motion.

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