There are many reasons why one might be excited at a software update and would rush to update ASAP. But there are also reasons why it might be prudent to wait. A good example would be the recent release of the macOS Monterey update in which those who have updated are now reporting issues with the OS.

According to these user reports, it seems that macOS Monterey has a memory leak bug. This has resulted in a variety of applications consuming abnormally huge amounts of RAM. For example, some users have found that Control Center is eating as much as 26GB of RAM, while some users are experiencing issues with Firefox, with some users also experiencing memory leak with the Calendar application.

Given that this seems to be affecting a variety of Apple’s Mac computers, it seems like this isn’t specific to any particular Apple computer. Users are reporting that restarting the computer does make the problem go away, but it eventually comes back. Apple hasn’t said anything yet about the issue but hopefully they are aware of it.

In the meantime, if you haven’t updated to macOS Monterey yet, then maybe it might be a good idea to hold off from doing so until Apple issues a fix for this problem.

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