Apple’s iPhones currently feature the use of both physical and digital SIM cards. This allows the iPhone to actually support dual SIM without users having to insert two physical SIM cards. It’s actually a pretty useful feature, but come the iPhone 15, Apple will apparently ditch the SIM card slot for good.

This is according to Brazilian website Blog do iPhone who claims that the iPhone 15 Pro might not come with the SIM card slot. It should be noted that the iPhone 15 series is only expected to arrive in 2023, meaning that we’re two years away before we can conclusively prove that this rumor is accurate.

Plus, as MacRumors notes, Blog do iPhone doesn’t have much of a track record when it comes to Apple related rumors, so there’s no reason to fully trust this information yet. However, what’s interesting is that we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple is apparently working on a portless iPhone.

By ditching the SIM card slot, it would allow Apple to create a more seamless design that would also allow the phone to be more water-resistant as there would be one less ingress point. Of course, we doubt that this is the main reason why Apple would drop the SIM card slot, but could be one of the reasons. Either way, it’s best to treat it with a healthy dose of skepticism for now until we can get more proof.

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