Have you ever tried to learn the guitar by yourself? It might be a bit tricky because the diagrams you read online to show you the chords will look different when you’re holding the guitar. Of course, we imagine that eventually you should get the hang of things, but what if there could be an easier way?

That’s something Samsung is trying to address with its C-Lab, where they have unveiled the ZamStar. This is a smart electric guitar, called the ZamString, that actually comes with LEDs built into the fretboard itself that can be used to light up the positions needed for chords. This means that instead of trying to figure out the chord shapes from online or book diagrams, you just place your fingers where the LEDs light up and you’re good to go.

The lights will also help guitarists figure out the chords they need to play in a song, so just follow the lights and you should be strumming along to tunes in no time. There is also an accompanying smartphone app that lets you add effects and you can even sync up with other musicians around the world.

This isn’t an entirely brand new concept but it’s still interesting nonetheless. The company should be showing it off at CES 2022 which kicks off next week, so check back with us then if you’d like to learn more.

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