One of the features Apple announced at WWDC 2021 as part of the update to macOS was Universal Control. However, despite it being announced and initially targeted for release this year, the latest macOS update still showed no signs of it. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait until next year.

According to an update to Apple’s website, it now reads that Universal Control will be launching in the spring. What this means in terms of timeframe is that we’re looking at a release in March 2022 at the earliest, or June 2022 at the latest, assuming there are no additional delays. Prior to this, the website suggested that it would arrive in the fall of 2021, but obviously that is no longer happening.

For those who are hearing about this feature for the first time, Universal Control is a new feature for macOS and the iPad. It basically allows users to move between devices quickly and easily, so for example if you’re working on your Mac and need to move files over to the iPad, you can just drag and drop files over.

It will also let you type things on your Mac and have it appear on your iPad, and so on. While Apple already supports features like Universal Clipboard that lets you copy and paste content between devices, and Handoff that lets you pick up where you left off, this is taking things one step further.

We suppose it’s better for Apple to delay the launch of the feature to ensure that it is working properly, otherwise it will end up being a buggy feature that no one will use.

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