The problem with owning a pair of prescription glasses is that it makes it difficult to own a pair of sunglasses. This is because you would need to buy a pair of sunglasses that also has prescription lenses, and you would need to carry around an additional pair of glasses when you want to switch back and forth.

This can be rather annoying, but that’s a problem that 32ºN (pronounced 32 North) is trying to solve with its adaptive sunglasses. The sunglasses feature the use of the company’s patented Liquid Crystal lenses that can switch from sunglasses to regular reading glasses with a single swipe.

It also comes with an accompanying smartphone app that lets you add your own prescription. This means that if you need to read something upclose, like a menu or a book, you won’t need to take off the glasses and switch to your reading glasses to do so.

According to the company, “The 32°N Sunglasses uses liquid crystal layers split into tiny pixels that accustom to the eyes’ needs at any given time. The glasses provide an effective solution for those who suffer from Presbyopia, impeding the need to constantly change between sunglasses and reading glasses outdoors.”

It’s a very interesting idea and useful one, but how effective or practical it is remains to be seen, but if you’re interested, the company is accepting pre-orders on its website where you can nab yourself a pair for $499.

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