Apple’s AirTag is a relatively inexpensive accessory that’s useful for keeping track of your bags or keys. However, in the recent months we’ve started to see an uptick in disturbing reports of how it can be used for stalking and theft, so much so that we have to wonder if the usefulness of the AirTag might be overshadowed by the potential dangers it poses.

So much so that it appears that Apple felt the need to publish a safety guide on its website that will help users and answer questions regarding the safety of using its products, and also what kind of action to take when it comes to their safety and privacy.

For users who might have used Apple’s products for a long time and are familiar with the software, this guide probably won’t really tell you anything you didn’t already know. However, for those who are new to Apple’s ecosystem or who have never really explored too deeply into what Apple’s software has to offer, this guide could be useful if you want to learn how to protect yourself against unknown sign-in attempts, apps that can access your location, and more.

It still doesn’t really change the fact that the AirTag can be used as a tool for stalking or stealing, but hopefully it makes users more aware of the fact and what they can do to try and protect themselves. Hopefully future updates to the AirTag’s software will offer up more robust tools to deal with the problems we’ve been hearing.

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