Bathroom mats are there if you need to dry your feet after you just got out of the shower, or while you’re standing over the sink brushing your teeth and you don’t want the floor to get wet. If you recall, back in 2021, Baracoda unveiled the BBalance smart bath mat and in an announcement by the company, it seems that the device managed to win the CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree.

For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the BBalance is essentially a bathroom mat with smart features. We’re talking about the ability to not just keep your feet nice and dry and warm, especially against the cold bathroom tiles in the morning, but it also has features like a weighing scale where you can measure your throughout the day as soon as you step on it.

It also has the ability to track and check your balance and posture, and the accompanying app even provides users with tips and tricks and videos that will show you how to improve your balance and posture if you need. The BBalance even utilizes AI where it can determine who is stepping on the mat based on their footprints, meaning that multiple users can take advantage of its connected features.

It boasts an 8 month battery life and has a machine-washable cover that will be available in a variety of colors. The BBalance mat is expected to be available in the spring of 2022, so keep an eye out for it if you think this could be useful for you.

In addition to the BBalance smart bath mat, Baracoda also showed off its BMirror smart mirror as part of its Bathroom of the Future series. This is more than just your typical bathroom mirror as it comes with certain health features, like being able to detect moles on your face and body, and can even notify users if it starts to change shape or color which means that it might be time to visit a dermatologist to get it looked at. It also has fun features where if you’re debating if you should change your hair color to a different shade, the mirror can actually give you a sneak preview.

Disclaimer: Ubergizmo’s co-founder & Editor Eliane Fiolet is an Advisor to the Board of BBalance’s parent company, the Baracoda Group.

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