Ever have a remote control for your TV die on you because it ran out of battery? We’re sure this is something many people have experienced, and even though remotes that have rechargeable batteries make it easier for you to just recharge it than replace it, it still means that if you forget to recharge, your remote is essentially a paperweight.

However, at CES 2022, Samsung has unveiled a new and upgraded version of its Eco Remote. The Eco Remote, for those unfamiliar, was actually launched back in CES last year where it uses light in your room or the sunlight to recharge it. However, this new version can actually be recharged using radio frequency waves emitted by your WiFi router.

This is actually in addition to the already-existing method of recharging, such as through solar energy, which means that you will now have multiple ways of keeping the remote recharged and its battery full even if there isn’t enough light in the room. We’re honestly not sure how effective this method of charging will be since we haven’t tried it out for ourselves, but it’s an interesting idea.

Also, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about radio frequency being used to recharge devices. The concept has been floated before when it comes to charging our mobile devices, so it’s not entirely new.

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