When we try to use GPS navigation when we are driving or riding a bike, we typically use our phones which are then clamped onto something via a mount. While this is a passable solution, it’s not ideal because our phone screens aren’t that big and we need to keep glancing at it to see the information.

However, a company by the name of Wicked Lasers has created a system called the LaserCube that is basically a small projector. This is designed for bikes and motorbikes in mind where the laser projector can be used to project navigation directions onto the ground in front of the rider, as you can see in the video above.

While it might not be as detailed compared to the maps on our phones, it’s good enough where it can give you clear directions when to turn, when a turn is coming up, when you have to go straight, and so on. It’s actually a pretty cool idea, although it might be hard to recommend due to its price.

Its creators are asking for a little under $1,000 for the cheapest model, plus the fact that it could easily be stolen off your bike is a little worrying too. However, if you’re keen on it and don’t mind splurging a little, you’ll be able to grab one off the company’s website.

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