At Apple’s event today, the company unveiled its brand new Studio Display. This is a cheaper alternative to the Pro Display XDR, which obviously won’t be a one-for-one comparison due to the price difference meaning that Apple had to take away some specs and features.

However, it seems if there is one thing similar between both monitors is that Apple is making it optional for users to pay extra for a stand. With the Studio Display, Apple is selling a configuration that comes with a tilt and height adjustable stand for an extra $400. Yes, you read that right, a “revolutionary” stand that can tilt AND adjust its height is apparently worth $400 to Apple.

Some of you might recall the controversy with the Pro Display XDR, which by itself is not cheap at $5,000, but the company also decided to sell what they are calling a “Pro Stand” that is priced at $1,000. While the stand is cheaper for the Studio Display at $400,  it’s still quite a tough pill to swallow for what is basically a standard feature included for free for pretty much all other monitors.

This means that if you want the privilege of being able to adjust your Studio Display’s height, it will cost you at least $2,000 for the entire configuration. The base model only ships with a tilt-adjustable stand at $1,600, so that’s $400 you’ll have to tack on just to make height adjustments, yikes!

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