As smart television gets ever more powerful, their hardware makes them a prime target for game streaming, effectively turning them into gaming devices, as long as you have the proper subscription.

2022 Samsung Smart TVs will be compatible with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, according to Microsoft. All it takes is to install the Xbox client app and log in. Samsung and Microsoft had already worked on making the same 100+ games accessible to Galaxy phones, and this is an extension of that partnership.

Microsoft is actively exploring similar deals with other TV makers, but there are no specifics now. Without a doubt, Samsung has more engineering resources to make this happen early, while others might require help from Microsoft to make it happen.

The Xbox app is compatible with Xbox game controllers connected to the TV. Other controller brands might work, including PlayStation ones, and the whole process is pretty straightforward.

Streaming games can be very rewarding and perhaps even more cost-effective than buying hardware if you have an excellent Internet connection. For example, I rarely play because I want to check a few new games here and there. I can upgrade my account when I want to, and overall I find game streaming to work very well.

I hope more TV manufacturers will join Samsung in making Xbox games playable via streaming, and hopefully, other clients such as GeForce Now can be supported as well.

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