Apple’s App Store has the second largest collection of mobile games and apps, ready to entertain you. With such numbers, there is a good chance there will be games that you love. However, finding the best iPhone game can be a little time-consuming when you have to choose from over 300,000 games.

We are here to save you some time. We have created this list of 5 best free iPhone games that you can play (for free) without any hard limitations. Just the pick the one you like and let the fun begin!

Note: All of these games offer in-app purchases, but these purchases are not necessary and will (mostly) not affect your game. They just come in handy, but games will not be impossible to beat without them.

1. Angry Birds 2

best-iphone-games (3)Angry Birds 2 is the sequel to the original Angry Birds, and this time they are even more angry! There are new birds to play with, along with new spells like, Hot Chilis, Blizzard, etc. and new bosses. You can also play against the whole world and in tournaments to earn different rewards.

Best of all, you can now choose your birds at the start of the level. For those of you who still don’t know about Angry Birds, it’s a slingshot based game in which you need to destroy green bad piggies using a slingshot and throwing angry birds at them.

Offers in-app purchases

2. Jetpack Joyride

best-iphone-games (6)

In Jetpack Joyride you will get access to tons of different Jetpacks with specially abilities to fly and defeat enemies in the way. The plot is simple, you can tap-and-hold to ascend the character or release to descend it. You need to keep the balance and make you way through different hurdles and enemies.

The Jetpacks will fire lasers, bullets, bubbles and rainbows to get of any enemies or projectiles coming your way. There are also some handy power-ups and bonuses on the way that you can pick up to get ahead.

Offers in-app purchases

4. Vainglory

best-iphone-games (5)Vainglory is a MOBA game with amazing graphics and great heroes and spells, just like League of Legends on the PC. The game has even been seen in the iPhone 6 ads and developed by developers from Riot and Blizzard. There are dozens of heroes to choose from that have their own special abilities to bring utter destruction on the field.

You can use different items to make your heroes stronger while playing. The game consist of 3 vs. 3 PVP games where both teams start from each side and the goal is to destroy turrets and in the end, the Vain Crystal.

Offers in-app purchases

4. Hill Climb Racing

best-iphone-games (4)

Hill Climb Racing is a physics based game with really cool visuals. You play as a uphill racer who needs to complete the stages in time to clear them or you will have to start over. However, it is not that easy, if you go too slow you will run out of petrol and if you will go too fast, the vehicle will tumble. You will have to find the right balance to win in this game.

You can upgrade your vehicles and buy more vehicles for better look, sound and overall experience. There are different stages offering mesmerising backgrounds and some really hard to beat hurdles, just do your best and even if you fail, you can start over again.

Offers in-app purchases

5. Temple Run 2

best-iphone-games (1)

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to Temple Run, and it offers many of new features and characters. It has better graphics along with new obstacles and achievements to make things fun. New power-ups have also been added, and there are new characters to unlock with each character having his/her own special powers.

You character keeps running forward and you need to slide up/down/right/left to help it jump, slide and turn to avoid hurdles and gain power ups. You have to be fast or you will be taken by the demon monkeys!

Offers in-app purchases

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