When we talk about VoIP services, Skype always comes to mind. Skype has quite a reputation of being one of the best app for VoIP calls. However, after Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, things have changed a little. People are more concerned about their privacy and some are not satisfied with Microsoft’s payment structure.

Fortunately, there are many other VoIP services available that offer almost similar features. From all the available options, finding the right one can be a little difficult. We have created this list of five best Skype alternatives to help you choose the best VoIP service for you.

1. Google Hangouts

skype-slternatives (4)Google Hangouts is a reliable option if you are looking for great quality and cheap rates. It will let you call other Hangouts users for free with support for up to 10 people group call. It also has a wide range of users as it comes with your Google account, so finding a person to call for free shouldn’t be too hard.

You can also call mobile and landline numbers for very cheap rates and call for free in the USA and Canada using Google Voice. Hangouts also offer IM (Instant Message) service similar to Skype.


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VOXOX is another good alternative to Skype, especially, for businesses. It offers free calls to VOXOX users just like Skype, and you can call any landline or mobile number at cheap rates with high quality audio and video.

It offers cloud based phone calling system for small business with a dedicated number and affordable business rates. You can also send translated text messages with support for up to 37 languages. Furthermore, it has dedicated apps for Android and iOS, and apps for Windows and Mac OS X are coming soon.

3. Viber

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Initially, Viber was limited to VoIP calls between Viber users, but now it offers all the important features a good VoIP service should have, like ability to call landline/mobile numbers and multiplatform support, etc. You can call/message Viber users for free with good call quality, and intuitive interface.

It now has a Desktop client as well, which you can use to make calls from your PC. You can also call mobile and landline numbers at quite competitive rates using Viber Out.


lineLINE is a VoIP service similar to Viber and its focus is more on social interaction with features like, Chat rooms, Multiplayer games, custom profile and cute stickers, etc. However, it can be a great alternative to Skype due to its big set of features that can even be used by businesses.

Apart from basic features like, free calls to LINE users, instant messages and stickers, you can also call landline/mobile numbers and use LINE on both desktop and mobile. LINE has both monthly subscription and call credit system to charge for calls to landline and mobile numbers, and rates are quite affordable as well. It also uses your existing number for calls, and offers high-quality calls with superior codec.

5. Jitsi

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Jitsi is not one of the most feature rich alternatives to Skype, however, it is open-source, perfect for privacy concern people. Apart from basic audio/video calls, it will let you share your screen, encrypt calls and record calls.

it also offers features like noise suppression and echo cancellation to provide clear audio. Instant messages are also supported, but with a limited sharing support. Jitsi is only limited to desktops so far, but support for smartphones is coming soon.

6. FaceTime

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If you are Mac OS X or iOS user, then you might like to try out FaceTime. It is a built-in VoIP app for Mac OS X and iOS users created by Apple that offers simple yet amazing audio/video calling features. You can use both of your phone’s cameras to video chat and it just takes a tap to start the call.

It supports calls with 720p quality offering amazing video calls. However, you will need to have access to latest Apple device such as, MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Air for HD calls. The calls are completely free for all Mac and iOS users.

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