If you who respect the artists’ work, but also want to listen to music for free, then don’t worry, there are many free legal sources.

There are many websites that will let you download (legal) music for free. Most of these websites feature music for promotion purposes, old music and/or music uploaded by Artist himself for that purpose. Of course, you may not find tracks from latest top charts or top artist, but with a little research, you might be able to find your favorite songs/artist. Below are top five legal mp3 download sites to help you find free songs to download from.


top-5-mp3-download-sites (1)Amazon offers free songs to download legally and adds new songs almost everyday with an average of two songs/day. As of writing, there are 46,807 total songs available that are categorised in different music genres like, Alternative Rock, Country, blues, Rap & Hip-Hop and Jazz, etc.

Most of the music is from not-so-popular artists, but many are worth a listen. You can find songs by artist, and also see customer reviews/ratings just like other products on Amazon to get a hint of how good a song is.


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MP3.com is the oldest website in this list and offers free legal music downloads of old songs and songs from rising artists. They have a reliable music collection with tracks from both latest talent and popular singers like, Eminem, One Direction, Kanye West, and Maroon 5, etc. They also provide a complete biography of top artists so you get a little closer to your favorite musicians.

The site is not updated much, as far as features are concerned, but free legal music is added by the contributors frequently. You can search the website by genre like, Acoustic, Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, Rock and Indie. There is also an option to see all the artists contributing to the site.


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If you are looking for new talent and don’t mind listening to something new, then Jamendo is a great place. It has the largest collection of free and legal music in the world with over 483,000 tracks and counting. You will find many playlists created specifically by Jamendo to listen to music according to your mood.

The songs are rated by listeners, so you can easily listen to quality songs without getting yourself lost. Here, you can also purchase music for commercial use at cheap rates, this includes background radio stations, stock music and on-demand composition.

Free Music Archive

top-5-mp3-download-sites (4)Free Music Archive is a project of WFMU, a community radio station headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. WFMU partnered with many other curators, like blocSonic, CKUT, Radius, Music Manumit and many more to create a big collection of free legal music to stream and download.

It allows individuals to upload their own music to let their voice get heard. The music collection consists of all the free music from the curators of the site and contributors. You can search the music by genre or curators, and there are also top weekly, monthly and All Time charts.


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PureVolume is actually a social media platform for music lovers. Here, both listeners and artists can create a profile to share their interest. Most of the music here is uploaded by new talent trying to get discovered, but you will still find some music from popular artists like, Wiz Khalifa, Paramore, The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park and more.

The listeners can directly communicate with the artists and share their thoughts about the songs. Artist may also interact with listeners by updating about their activities. There are also some premium tracks that you can download by paying.

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