Nowadays, most of the smartphone users tend to store sensitive documents and data on the device itself. But, what if things go haywire? There might come a situation where you may have lost (Deleted) all of your sensitive data accidentally. How do you plan to restore them?

Yes, of course, you do have an option to backup iPhone using iTunes on your computer system. However, let us assume that your PC encounters a severe crash resulting in data loss. Do you have a backup plan for that? Yes, you do, if you backup your iPhone to iCloud, you will not have to worry about data loss because Apple’s cloud storage has got your back.

Read on the steps below to know how to backup iPhone to iCloud.

Steps To Backup iPhone to iCloud

enable icloud - restore iPhone from iCloud

1. Launch the settings on your iPhone. You can refer to the image above for a clearer understanding.

2. Now, scroll down to find “iCloud” and then tap on it.

3. You will be able to observe your Apple ID displayed on the top of the screen. Now, scroll down to see what data (of inbuilt apps) is set to backup when the iCloud backup is enabled.

4. As per your requirement, enable or disable the data you want to be synced and backed up on iCloud. And, specifically, tap on “Backup” option to enable iCloud Backup.

Note: You need an active Wi-Fi connection to backup using iCloud.

5. After you are done tweaking the options (ensuring that you have enabled iCloud backup)for pre-installed Apple apps. Now, you need to scroll up again and find “Storage” option.

6. Just, tap on it and navigate your way to “Manage Storage” option.

7. After you tap on “Manage Storage” option, you will be able to see your recent backups listed. As you do not have a backup, you will observe 0 KB assigned to your backup mentioned as (This iPhone).

manage icloud storage - how to backup iPhone to iCloud

8. You will have to click on the backup, and then you will be navigated to the information screen where you will be informed of the last backup, backup size, and the estimated future backup size.

9. As you scroll down a bit, you will notice – “Show All Apps” option mentioned as shown in the image below.

how to backup iPhone to iCloud

10. After you click on “Show All Apps,” you will observe the ability to enable or disable the backup for each of the applications you have got installed.

11. Disable the applications of which you do not want the data to be backed up on the cloud and enable the ones you need.

If your backup size exceeds the limit of 5 GB of storage, you need to buy more storage to complete the full backup of your iPhone to iCloud.

Here’s a video tutorial to help you backup iPhone to iCloud for better understanding:

Wrapping Up

Now you know that it is quite easy to backup your iPhone to iCloud. You just need to follow a couple of steps to start backing up your device to iCloud. And, we would suggest you disable the data backup of the applications you do not need to back up to save yourself from buying additional iCloud storage.

Do you prefer backing up to iCloud or do you prefer backing up your iPhone using iTunes?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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