Memes can be found all over the internet and are very fun to read, or build. In most cases, these are simple pictures with two lines of text, enough to put a smile on your face. The best part is, anyone can create these memes and publish them to the world. The only thing required is some humor and the right tools

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can create a meme using a free meme generator. The process is simple and you should build your first Meme in minutes.

Get A (Funny) Idea

Before starting making a meme you first need to think of something that could be expressed with an image. It should not be a long joke telling a whole story, you need to make sure you finish it in just two sentences (less words = better).

The first line will address the situation and second line will be the punchline, which should make people go crazy. Not all of the memes are supposed to be funny, you can also tell something thought provoking, but in most cases it is funny.

Create Memes using Meme Creator

There are many meme generator tools on the web and are completely free to use, however, we need to choose the one which fits your needs best. In this tutorial, we are going to use Meme Creator, but there are many other tools with similar functions, if you don’t like this particular one.

The website comes with a simple interface that is easy on the eyes while being dead simple. You can create memes using templates or your own images and also add images inside a meme to be more creative.

You also have the option to draw an image which can be handy if you’re good at it, or want to add more details to your meme. Meme Creator doesn’t add self-promoting watermarks, which is why we like it better.

To start creating memes with Meme Creator, just go to their website. There, you can see all the featured images which other people have created or just create your own meme.

make-meme (1)make-meme (2)

To create your own meme, click on “Create a Meme!”. You will see some meme templates on which you can type the text. You can choose any of the template you like which fits your joke best, the description is written under each meme so it should not be a problem.

Tip: if you can’t think of any joke, try selecting any of the memes you like and focus on the scenario, you might be able to find a good joke according to the requirement.

make-meme (3)

Once you select your desired template, you will be directed to another page where you can edit the template.

make-meme (4)make-meme (5)

There, under the template, you will see two text bars which you can fill with your joke. The first bar text will show on top of image by default and the second bar text will be shown below it by default. You can resize the text and move it around the image by using your mouse and grabbing each text to move.

You can also add more text boxes if you by clicking on the button “+Add Textbox”. The new text bar will be shown in the middle of the template and can also be moved around.

make-meme (6)

After typing your joke, you can change the text color by click on white and black Box next to each text bar. White is the base and black is the text color by default, make sure you click “OK” after choosing the color.

make-meme (7)make-meme (8)

If you want more customization options, just click on “Show Options” next to the text bar and you will see all available options.

make-meme (9)make-meme (10)

If you would like to add any image in the meme, then click on “Add Image” and there you will see many expressions. If the default set is not enough, you can also add images from your PC by clicking on “Add Image” next to “Remove Image”.

make-meme (11)make-meme (12)

Once your Meme is created click on “Generate Meme” below to make your meme  and publish it. You can also tick the checkbox next to “Private” and your meme will not be published, only you will be able to see and download it.

make-meme (13)make-meme (14)

Upload Your Own Meme

If the templates provided by the website are not enough, you can also upload your own images to edit. To upload your own templates, click on “Upload Your Own Meme Template” and click on “Choose File”. From there select the image you would like to edit and hit “Open”.

make-meme (15)make-meme (16)

make-meme (17)
Once selected, you will have to give your meme a name under the “Choose File” button and click on “upload” below it to upload the image. After that, you can edit the image and generate the same way as we edited the template above.

make-meme (18)make-meme (19)

If you would like to share a better way to create meme or have any questions regarding the method mentioned above, let us know in the comments below.

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