If it weren’t for the sake of security and warranty, every iPhone owner might already have jailbroken their devices for better customization, advanced entertainment, and more flexible data management.

Gradually, the jailbreak craze is cooling down starting from iOS 9. First, Apple’s increased security made Jailbreaking harder, and Secondly, today’s jailbreaking only offers small minor modifications, since many of the features provided via Cydia, were eventually copycatted into iOS, out-of-the-box.

However, since the iPhone storage reaches 128GB and 265GB, data inside iPhones has surged dramatically. For those who have an enormous amount of iPhone applications, photos, movies, video recordings, messages, etc. they face a harsh fact that the locked-down iOS file system restricts the freedom of data management, in both depth and in width, as listed below.

iOS Device Management General Problems:

 Un-viewable backup files – you don’t know what you are backing up or successfully backed up precisely.

  • Only one-way syncing pattern – you cannot move data from iPhone to computer. And syncing with duplication and data-erasing might trouble you from time to time.
  • Backup & Restore only in batch – you cannot decide which file to restore and which to exclude from a backup or restoration.
  • Unfriendly to iOS incompatible files – MKV, FLAC files failed to be transferred to iPhone/iPad as marked as “not supported”
  • Confined Apple app store – generally you can only install applications from Apple’s official app store

How to safely manage the iPhone as if it was already jailbroken?

No Jailbreak, DearMob iPhone Manager penetrates the locked iPhone file system to bring openness, easiness together with safety to your iPhone data management.

DearMob makes iPhone data management very simple and precise – users can choose whichever piece of a message, contacts info, photos, videos, songs/ringtones, podcasts, and ebooks etc. under corresponding apps for sync, transfer, backup and restore – a file-orientated management solution that gives you direct and unobstructed access to specific content.

You know precisely which data you are handling. Also, to prevent any data breach, you can lock down and secure sensitive backup files with high-level encryption. DearMob is a fail-safe to guarantee your most crucial files never get lost or peeped.

Two—way data transfer

No more computer-centric pattern, no-more scary alerts of “sync and erase,” DearMob just makes it easy to transfer iOS data both ways from iPhone to computer and backward. You choose exactly whichever file to move (or keep) and leave the rest to DearMob. Take photo management as an example.

How to flexibly manage iPhone Photos with DearMob iPhone Manager?

Step 1: Simply go to Photos Transfer tab > Choose photos

You can either select over 10 thousand photos to transfer in batch or pick just one or two in particular. DearMob iPhone Manager Hardware acceleration feature will guarantee you a 10X faster transfer speed.

Step 2: Click Export button or Add Photo

The drop-down Export button offers you two options – a direct HEIC export or convert HEIC to JPG. You can even click the checkbox to encrypt those pics upon export.

And the same steps go to other file management, including songs, videos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. DearMob detects undeletable photos and keeps raw/edited iPhone photos, animated GIFs with geo-info.

Auto-convert unfriendly file formats

With auto-conversion and compressing ability, DearMob iPhone Manager takes good care of your large MKV Video or FLAC music exporting to iPhone. A single video over 1GB? No problem. DearMob auto-converts them to Apple supported formats and reasonable sizes to fit your iPhone perfectly. Merge duplicate photos, songs, contacts, etc. and avoid data erasing.

Make custom ringtones/text tones within a few clicks

DearMob helps you avoid the awkwardness of picking up your iPhone to find it’s others incoming calls. Add any songs you like to your iPhone and turn them into catchy ringtones can be easily done here using this iPhone manager.

Tips: manage music using DearMob and make ringtone

  • To export songs: simply go to Music tab > Choose songs > Click Export
  • To import songs: Music > Click Add Music > Select songs > Click Sync button to apply
  • To customize ringtones: hover your cursor over the target song > click Make Ringtone > select part of the song as your ringtone.

Backup and restore hand-picked files or thousands in batch.

DearMob iPhone Manager lets you see exactly what you are backing up and restoring among your 256GB data – a single video, over 7000 photos, a selected few apps, text messages, and only regular contacts.

Steps: go to corresponding tabs of photo, music, video etc > Choose the file you want to backup > click Export button. And you can restore iPhone data to your device when needed.

Install *.ipa file and access in-App files

No more restrictions from Apple App Store here with DearMob iPhone Manager. Users can now download and install apps from anywhere, as long as it is an *.ipa file. One no longer has to worry about the removal of many amazing applications like Cartoon HD or Popcorn Time from Apple official store: DearMob lets you install them back and sound.

Steps: go to App > Click Install button > browse and choose an *.ipa file > click Sync button

It should be highlighted that you can even access in-App files via DearMob, once the app-enabled file-sharing.

Transfer iTunes purchased media contents

iTunes purchases missing, not showing? DearMob promises to track and take care of your iTunes purchased media, allowing you to transfer them, including video/music/audio-books, from iPhone/iPad to Windows and other storage devices.


  • Export notes/text/voicemail messages to PDF for use in litigation
  • Encrypt exported files with high-level encryption
  • Turn iPhone into a flash drive to store compressed files, PSD, CAD, PDF files…
  • Battery health diagnosis

For those security concerns, DearMob iPhone Manager would tell you that it is unnecessary. It officially pledges to use only official drives and no side processes involved. Trusted and recommended by TechAdvisor, TheWindowsClub, 9To5Mac, iMore, MacWorld, the software is highly rated and has been tested by many users.

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