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Hisense Transparent 3D Display At CES 2013
[CES 2013] If you happen to be at CES this year, you would do well to check out the show floor and scout for different “niche” devices, as well as those that did not gain attention in terms of a press conference. One of them would be Hisense, who has a transparent 3D display on show. To put it simply, you are able to place just about anything behind the […]

3D Paintings Exhibited In China
I am quite sure that many of us had our minds blown away visually with the rich world found in Avatar, especially while watching the movie in 3D when it was first released a few years ago. Well, many movies have since jumped aboard the 3D bandwagon, but none really made a mark and had such a resonance in the industry than James Cameron’s outing. The whole idea of 3D […]

Wiki Weapon 3D printed gun might not be realized after all
At the end of July, we looked at a 3D printed assault rifle, and asked ourselves whether it is time to be afraid or not? The answer proved to be more comforting than worrying, but it seems that not all is hunky dory with the world of 3D printed weapons. Word has it that Defense Distributed, a collective headed by UT-Austin law student Cody Wilson, managed to actually raise $20,000 […]

Printrbot wants to offer affordable 3D printing
3D printing is said to be the next big thing, but it still remains out of reach for most folks. Well, perhaps the Printrbot might be able to change your persuasion when you read more about it, where the inventor behind the Printrbot wants it to be a quick and cheap solution for anyone, where it is able to be put together, taking just a couple of hours to do […]


Star Wars 3D remakes of Episode II and Episode III confirmed
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was famous (or should I say, infamous) for the computer generated character known as Jar Jar Binks, although I found that sentiment on the ground tend to lean more on the negative side. Well, George Lucas is a true blue entrepreneur who is always on the lookout to earn more money (not that he needs it anyway), and hence decided to remaster Star […]

3D map of the universe is the largest to date
What you see above is part of the largest 3D map of the universe ever created to date in the history of humanity, and you have a bunch of astronomers to thank for this bit of “artwork”, so to speak. The 3D map actually holds the slew of massive galaxies and even distant black holes in the known universe, and researchers do have their fingers crossed that this particular map […]

Google brings 3D Maps to Google Earth in Seattle and Denver
Following Google’s announcement in June to bring 3D imagery on Google Maps for mobile devices, the Mountain View-based tech titan is now expanding the coverage to Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington. Now, folks in the aforementioned areas can now better explore and tour both cities via their iOS and Android devices. In an announcement today, Google pointed out the many things that users can do with the newly added feature.Using […]

3D Printed Arms help give little girl a new lease of life
Check out the video above that depicts a little girl known as Emma, where this 2-year old girl was born with a rare disease known as arthrogryposis, and this particular condition actually makes it impossible for her to raise her arms without any external assistance. Thanks to the clever use of 3D printing, a hospital in Delaware managed to come up with a mobile plastic exoskeleton which enables Emma to […]

3D printer does faux blood vessels
We have seen some pretty cool pairs of 3D printed shoes just earlier this morning, and here we are with more news on what a 3D printer is capable of – researchers who hail from the University of Pennsylvania and MIT have managed to achieve the triumph of printing 3D filament networks which might serve the role of blood vessels sometime down the road. This is made possible thanks to […]

Qualcomm OpenGL driver turns 2D games into 3D
Taking a page from the “PC development” book, Qualcomm was demonstrating its latest Open GL driver which can turn 2D games into 3D without intervention from the developers. This demo is running with an Adreno 225 GPU, which can now be commonly found in high-end smartphones like select HTC One handsets or Samsung Galaxy SIII handsets in the USA. In this demo, the Adreno 225 powers a 1080p glasses-less 3D […]

3D printed prototype glasses 'outgeek' Project Glass?
Have you ever wondered what would the world be like if you could, just for the day, record everything that you see with your eyes? I imagine that storage concerns would be at the top of your list, but let us say that storage is not an issue. Enter this pair of prototype glasses printed using a 3D printer that are able to record everything you see, subsequently sharing said […]

Naked-eye 3D display has no resolution compromise issues
NLT Technologies Ltd. of Japan has come up with a prototype of a naked-eye low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (Si) TFT LCD display which boasts of half a dozen viewpoints, carrying a size of 3.1″ (diagonal length of 79mm), while sporting a pixel count of 427 x 240 resolution. This display saw NLT Technologies apply “HxDP” (horizontally x times-density pixels) in its creation, resulting in a new technology which is capable of […]

Chocolate brain looks yummy enough to bite into
Going through a MRI scan is not something one would classify as a “fun day out”, but then again, it is necessary to undergo the MRI scan as and when the situation requires it. Well, Andy Millins decided to take avantage of the situation by getting his brain scanned as part of a research project, and with his brain scan “schematics”, he actually converted it into an STL file, which […]

Qumarion mannequin offers intuitive 3D manipulation
Ever wondered what it feels like to handle a voodoo doll? Well, I suppose you can get a semblance of that feeling with the Qumarion mannequin which you can view in action in the video above. The Qumarion mannequin is basically an input device that was specially developed to simplify the manipulation as well as posing of human-like 3D CG models on the screen. Do you need some wolfsbane and […]