Have you ever wondered what would the world be like if you could, just for the day, record everything that you see with your eyes? I imagine that storage concerns would be at the top of your list, but let us say that storage is not an issue. Enter this pair of prototype glasses printed using a 3D printer that are able to record everything you see, subsequently sharing said videos on various channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Want them to turn into a pair of shades instantly? Not a problem, as all you need to do is hit the ‘magic’ button, and it is good to go.

The manufacturers of the prototype glasses are Vergence Labs, who are currently looking out for funds from angel investors in order to further develop and realize these techno-glasses on a large scale. They will be accompanied by a pair of lens as well as relevant recording circuitry in the arms. No idea on pricing, but hopefully they will be cheap enough for the average gadget lover. As for whether it can outdo the Project Glass from Google, that remains to be seen.

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