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Sega Time Traveler is first holographic video game in the world
We are all so stoked up about 3D movies and all these days, but have you given a thought about video games taking the 3D route? Sure, Nintendo’s 3DS was launched last year, but it has yet to make quite the impact in revolutionizing mobile gaming to date, and neither did the HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D make any headway for mobile 3D gaming, either. It is time […]

Fujitsu's camera adapter allows any smartphone to record 3D videos
3D smartphones already exist in the market and examples of them include the HTC EVO 3D and LG’s recently launched Optimus 3D Max, the successor to last year’s Optimus 3D. While the specs on these 3D phones aren’t too shabby, safe to say there are more demanding users out there who require higher specs, better camera, larger display, etc. Unfortunately due to the limited number of 3D phones in the […]

Kids Send 3D GoPro Cameras Into Space; Astonishing Footage Recorded
If you have a pair of 3D glasses you might want to go get them now. Even a pair of old anagylphs will do just fine for this video that we have embedded above. Some elementary school kids from Wonderland Elementary School sent up a weather balloon which was attached to a carbon fiber frame to space. The frame held six GoPro HDHERO2 cameras with four of them set in […]

Apple job listing hints at possible 3D incorporation into iOS
We’ve seen a handful of patents filed by Apple in the past that has suggested that the company might at some point look at integrating 3D technology in its future products. While none of Apple’s products features 3D technology at the moment, it might not be too long before the integration of 3D could start happening thanks to a recent job listing. The job opening posted by Apple is currently […]


Polaroid could be launching an Android Tablet with Glasses-Free 3D Display
After we reported on the Polaroid PMID701i tablet which showed up at the FCC, we seem to have another Polaroid-tablet tit-bit for you. The film and camera maker has confirmed that it plans to launch a 10-inch tablet with a glasses-free 3D display in Europe. The news originates from British website Expert Reviews. The alleged tablet is said to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and its 10 inch screen […]

YouTube delivers Full HD 2D videos in '3D'
The push for 3D technology is certainly something that companies have been trying to achieve for quite some time already, although the levels of success are questionable. YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing service, has just introduced a new feature in their service that allows you to watch Full HD videos in 3D by selecting it in the Quality settings segment on the YouTube player. Just make sure you […]

3D-mapped Chapel ends up as laser-controlled musical instrument
How can you turn the interior of a building into a musical instrument? Well, Prague-based projection mapping collective Macula have done exactly that, by transforming a Baroque church into a virtual music instrument which will allow the musically inclined to play pieces of their liking simply by using laser pointers. The surface of the interior of the Olomouc Baroque chapel that is located in the Czech Republic has been mapped […]

3D enters surgery room
3D technology is not just limited to video games and movies on the silver screen, but it seems that it can even be used to help save lives in the future. For the first time in the history of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, surgeons there have utilized full 3D projection during an operation. John Green, 62, from Openshaw, had the “honor” of being the first patient to undergo an operation […]

Jurassic Park 3D coming next year
With the advent of 3D technology in cinemas these days, we have seen a fair number of re-releases – with Beauty and the Beast, Titanic and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace all released, how about throwing in some dinosaur goodness into the mix? Yes, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park will be getting the 3D treatment as well, and it is due to hit the silver screen in 2013. I […]

BumpyPhoto turns 2D photos into 3D sculptures
3D movies in the cinemas might not exactly be doing roaring business, as statistics has shown, with the audience preferring to stick to regular 2D programming instead (something tells me that the current economic climate in the world also plays a part here). Having said that, 3D HDTVs might be pushed at retail stores these days, but is there enough “software” to back it up for the long run? Perhaps […]

3D computer patient 'avatars' are virtual guinea pigs
The field of medicine has now advanced to a point where doctors are able to perform a trial treatment on a virtual patient, and depending on the reaction in the virtual patient ‘avatar’, a more accurate treatment can be formulated before being prescribed to the actual patient in real life. This is already happening in the UK, where doctors are able to create a digital 3D replica of a patient […]

Vibrating 4D cinema seats hit the UK
So you are sick and tired of movies being released in 3D, simply because of all the special effects are starting to look “normal” now, and the fact that the best visual effects are unable to gloss over the cracks caused by a poorly written story. Well, forget about 3D and let us concentrate on 4D now. For those who are not in the know, you can check out 4D […]

London's Science Museum scans visitor faces in 3D
If you happen to make your way to London’s Science Museum anytime soon, do look out for the “Me in 3D” stand there which will rely on a bunch of cameras that will construct a virtual image that you are able to view and then manipulate. All data from participants of this particular stand will be utilized by the Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital and Eastman Dental Hospital […]

Sony Handycam HDR-TD20V with 3D
[CES 2012] The 3D Handycam camcorder launched last year at CES has been totally revamped by Sony to get a 34% reduction in body size and a “very innovative name”: HDR-TD20V.The distance between the two lenses has been decreased to roughly 21 mm, which allows shooting in 3D at a closer range (60cm). The EXMOR R sensor is larger than the one features in the previous model (Handycam HDR-TD10E), making it […]