If you have a pair of 3D glasses you might want to go get them now. Even a pair of old anagylphs will do just fine for this video that we have embedded above. Some elementary school kids from Wonderland Elementary School sent up a weather balloon which was attached to a carbon fiber frame to space. The frame held six GoPro HDHERO2 cameras with four of them set in 3D configuration and the other just setup in good old high-definition.


After they managed to get the cameras back, the footage was edited and the result became what is said to be the first stratospheric 3D video shoot using a balloon. While the beautiful scenarios depicted in the video and the staggering height that the balloon reached is all in good fun, this project does serve as a testament as to how durable the affordable and modern HD cameras can be.

After falling from such a distance and with the parachute not fully extended, somehow the cameras still survived the descent. If you notice in the video, the kids responsible for the project attached the iconic Space Battleship Yamato in front of the cameras and with the glasses on, it looked terrific. Just to remind you, the group responsible for this project consisted of kids from Wonderland Elementary School and for projects like this to be part of their curriculum is not just eye-opening but also truly amazing.

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