If you happen to make your way to London’s Science Museum anytime soon, do look out for the “Me in 3D” stand there which will rely on a bunch of cameras that will construct a virtual image that you are able to view and then manipulate. All data from participants of this particular stand will be utilized by the Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital and Eastman Dental Hospital and Institute in order to deliver better treatment and surgery for patients who suffer from disfigurements and congenital conditions.

While we have discovered a fair bit about bones in our faces, very little else is known about makes our face the shape it is at the moment. Using 3D scanning technology for visitors’ faces, this simple process will require visitors to sign a consent form beforehand in order for their data to be used for research purposes, where it will also deliver the option of rendering one’s 3D face in zebra and crocodile skin for added laughs. Hopefully this particular project will enable the surgeons figure out how to better improve on their skills and methodology to provide a semblance of ordinary life for those living with disfigurements and congenital conditions.

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