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one2TOUCH’s Keyboard For Smartphones Never Needs To Be Recharged
It makes sense for users to buy keyboard covers for tablets, but for smartphones? That just seems like unnecessary bulk, right? Well we suppose there are some who might argue that such keyboards are handy and if you like the idea of an external smartphone keyboard, perhaps the one2TOUCH Flipcover keyboard might be of interest to you.The folks at Geeky have recently managed to get a hands-on with the device […]

Razer Announces New Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
Several years ago, Razer unveiled a wireless gaming mouse in the form of the Razer Mamba. At that time it was a unique mouse as it came with a charging stand that also doubled up as the Bluetooth receiver in which it allowed the mouse to be used wirelessly. Fast forward to today, Razer has announced that they have updated the Razer Mamba model.As expected of most gaming mice, especially […]

Keyboardio Model 01 Is A $299 Stylish Ergonomic Keyboard
There are plenty of ergonomically shaped keyboards in the market today, but if you are looking for one that is stylishly designed and has mechanical keys, well you’re in luck as there is such a device called the Keyboardio. The device was designed and created by Jesse Vincent whose name is rather prominent in the Perl community.The Keyboardio is also a Kickstarter project that is seeking funding, so perhaps it […]

The Hibiki iPhone Case Supposedly Enhances Its Acoustical Capacity
Say you’re looking for a more natural way of improving your iPhone’s audio quality without resorting to using speakers, what can you do? We’ve seen cup-like devices that helps amplify your phone’s speakers but now over in Japan, Simplism has unveiled the Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case, a case that apparently can enhance your phone’s “acoustical capacity”.Now color us skeptical because from what we can see, in no shape or form […]


KiBoJet Keyboard Comes With A Built-In Pico Projector
Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes but for the most part they all require something – a device to connect to, whether it be to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, or to your computer via USB cable because when it is not connected, a keyboard is just an accessory at the end of the day.However that might not necessarily be true with the KiBoJet. This is a keyboard […]

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Is A Stylish Mouse For Users On The Go
Earlier this year, Logitech unveiled the MX Master Wireless Mouse. While the specs of the mouse is decent, the focus of the device was its design which showed off artisan craftsmanship, something that you don’t typically expect to see from a mouse. Well if you liked what you saw, you’ll be pleased to learn that Logitech is back with another mouse, this time in the form of the MX Anywhere […]

Patriot Unveils Viper V530 Gaming Mouse With Dual Scroll Wheels
The scroll wheel on your mouse is extremely handy. It is used to scroll through websites, documents, cycle through images, zoom in and out, and in gaming it can also be used to cycle between weapons, different views, or it can be customized according to your needs. However have you ever been in a situation where one scroll wheel isn’t enough?Well the good news is that if you’ve been looking […]

Samsung Teams Up With Designers For Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Cases
Smartphone cases can serve multiple purposes. It can be used to protect phones from bumps and drops, it can be used to provide additional battery, or in some instances these smartphone cases are merely there for decorative/vanity purposes. Now if you’re after a designer case for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, you’re in luck.Samsung has recently announced on its blog that they have teamed up with […]

iblazr Flash Features Four Powerful LEDs To Light Up Mobile Photos, Videos
The iblazr is a universal flash accessory that features four strong LEDs.

Adobe Introduces Bluetooth Smart Stylus, Ruler Projects
Adobe seems to be making some serious moves today as they announced they’ll be moving their products beyond physical boxes and instead will allow its customers to purchase them online through subscriptions. But that isn’t the only bit of news the company is announcing as they’re also looking to create two pieces of hardware known as the Project Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler.Both the stylus and ruler use low-energy Bluetooth to […]

Final List Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Revealed
The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be made available starting next week on T-Mobile and Sprint, with it expected to pop up on AT&T on April 30 and some time in May for Verizon, we’re sure you’re going to want to pick up an accessory or two when you purchase Samsung’s “next big thing.” We already highlighted some of the accessories that will be available to the Galaxy S4 last month, but Samsung […]

The AluFrame For The iPhone 5 Is Pretty Classy
Let’s face it, while the iPhone 5 is a thing of beauty, it scratches easily thanks to its aluminum body, meaning that some form of protection is necessary if you wish to avoid nasty dents and whatnot. However if you hate having your phone being encased in some fat rubber casing that will only add bulk and hide the beauty of the device, then the AluFrame by the folks at […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Hands-On Review
We’re still slowly trying to wrap our heads around last night’s Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal as there was just an insane amount of information dumped onto the public all at once. But Samsung did not only unveil the Galaxy S4 as they also showed off a number of accessories that will work with their newly announced smartphone, as well as some other Galaxy S devices.

Logitech Announces Layoffs In Order To Focus On Its Mobile Accessories
Fans of Logitech’s accessories will probably be bummed to hear the company has announced it plans to lay off 140 of its employees, or nearly 5 percent of its non-direct workforce. The layoffs are being implemented as part of an organizational alignment which the company hopes will help make the company become “a faster, more profitable company.”Logitech plans to focus more on its mobile accessories such as the Ultrathin Keyboard […]