Ever been in a car accident and ended up paying for damages even though it wasn’t your fault? Wish you had a camera that recorded the whole accident as proof? Well now you can. The iCarBlackBox is an app designed to let you know who is right or wrong in the event of a car accident. It records the car’s speed, date and time, location, road location, and of course a video of the whole incident. The app stores all these details which you can review when filing a report or when debating with the other driver about whose fault it was. In addition to recording the details and video of the accident, the iCarBlackBox can automatically send the details of the accident to the designated emergency contacts (either through SMS, or email) if it detects an accident. It also provides a quick dial to an emergency number (911 is the default) and it can also send an emergency message and call for help in the event the user has been injured and is unable to make the call for help.

The only thing you have to do is set up the device (place it on a phone holder before you start driving) and press start – you’re good to go. The only problem I see with this app is that you’ll have to remember to keep a charger in the car (leaving the video camera on to record accidents will definitely do some heavy battery drainage) and while the app can detect collisions from the side and rear of the car, it can’t record them unless of course you set up the camera to face those directions. Other than that, it sure seems like a pretty useful app that everyone who drives and uses an iPhone. iCarBlackBox is available now for free on the iTunes App Store though it hasn’t been mentioned until when the promotion will last. Check out a video of the app in action:

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