A new mobile browser has been released by the team behind popular ad-blocking extension Adblock Plus, they had previously launched the Adblock Browser on Android in beta a few months back and now for the first time this browser has made its way to iOS. As the name suggests the first and foremost aim of this browser is to block advertisements served on websites so that users have an ad-free online experience, though they have the ability to whitelist websites from which they would like to see ads.

Ad-blocking has always been a contentious issue, the argument can be made that internet users should have the power to decide how they experience the internet, on the other hand publishers rely upon ads for revenue and if no ads are served the website owners go bust.

Google has been making moves to placate publishers who aren’t happy with the rise in popularity of ad-blocking software, the company’s Chrome browser is now bypassing extensions like Adblock to serve ads.

Aside from doing the obvious Adblock Browser is claimed to protect users from malware, conserve mobile data and even save battery life. Users have the option to whitelist websites or block all ads by default.

It’s interesting to note the timing of this launch, given that the confirmed launch date for iOS 9 is likely to be revealed tomorrow, which comes with ad-blocking technology built-in for the very first time on iOS devices.

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